Store Description

LUCID stands for the independent control over one’s honest mind as well as their dream world within. Lucid believes that every woman is in complete control of her style and image, even during periods of confusion and insanity. It identifies the independence within all women to change as they please, be as they desire, and live and they dream.

Lucid demonstrates a careful balance of fun femininity, stylish elegance, androgynous chic and professional sophistication. The collection features harmonious details, soft tailoring and drape, emphasis on unique and refined lines all of which strike an undeniably modern edge. The textile choice is highly selective resulting in a global standard production, a true testament to LUCID’s proactive approach to the deconstruction and interpretation of international trends whilst remaining faithful to understanding the needs of women today.

Shipping Details

Flat rate — AU$12

Returns Policy

Refund for faulty goods only, exchange accepted

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