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Ballettonet is built on two principles:


Safety and security come first.

Ballettonet will only buy from countries and companies where we have assurance that the people who are involved in making the shoes have comparable working conditions to Australia, and their safety and quality of life is not compromised by our sourcing practices.

Quality comes next.

We meticulously source ballerines (also known as ballet flats) from artisanal shoemakers across Italy. Ballettonet’s direct relationship with these family businesses ensures affordability and complete quality control.

Our commitment to using only the best materials ensures the comfort and longevity that makes Ballettonet ballerines the ‘go-to’ ballerines for busy women.


The team

Stephanie and Ben Waters are the co-founders and directors of Ballettonet.

The husband and wife team were inspired to establish Ballettonet during a family holiday travelling all across Italy.

Little did they know that this whirlwind trip around Italy would ignite a passion to bring the beautiful ballerines made by local craftsmen to Australian shores.

Stephanie and Ben fell in love with the European approach to business – family-centric with knowledge passed down from generation to generation. They witnessed first-hand the value of retaining age-old traditions and modern techniques in the end product.

With a desire to support these businesses and an excitement to share their creations with friends and family, Stephanie and Ben returned home and established Ballettonet – the Australian online store for exclusive 100% Italian made ballerines.


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