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This post was inspired by a blog I read by the beautiful Connie of ‘a life of perfect days’ in which she talks about her new morning routine [read it here]. I find it fascinating to read about the goings-on of other people, particularly when it comes to routines and how they live their lives.

So I thought this morning I would share my morning routine with you all too. I follow [loosely] an ayurvedic routine, incorporating what I can and what works best for me into my daily routine.

So here goes:

5am – my Great Dane puppy Lara wakes me up every morning, I rarely need an alarm clock these days.

Jump out of bed, walk upstairs and feed two [of my three] dogs

Brush my teeth and use my tongue scraper

Drink a glass of warm - hot-ish water

Prepare my breakfast, and lunches for my husband and myself

5:40am – take my doggies out for their morning walk

6am - drink my ayurvedic herbs

Morning run around for 20 minutes: tidy up, last minute ironing, make the bed, etc.

Drink my goats milk and Avaydec Imperial [herb jam] mix

Feed my third dog [he’s fussy and likes to eat later in the morning. Seriously.]

Shower and get dressed for the day

7am – 10 minute meditation [Gabrielle Bernstein’s guided meditations are great, I also do a little ‘So Hum’ some mornings]

7:10am – At my desk ready to work!

This is my general routine. Every other day my husband walks the dogs, so I either [naughtily] sleep in until 5:30am, potter around the house a little longer or meditate for 20-30 minutes.

We would love to hear about your morning routine so please leave a comment below and share how your morning flows and any tips for making your routine work for you.